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Reasons to use PASCAL A1 ASIC

Today, Bitcoin mining is produced only by ASIC devices due to their speed and power saving characteristics. At the same time, other Top-10 cryptocurrencies, known as alternative cryptocurrencies are still being mined by the old GPU methodology.

Our team is developing universal ASIC device, which will work with the majority of alternative algorithms and will be easy to reconfigure: one hardware platform could be optimized through used different firmware. Because of this, our ASIC device will have a long life cycle of the product.

Main advantages of the PASCAL A1 ASIC MINER:

  • Mining most of the GPU currencies
  • fundamentally new product and our main competitors are only farms on video cards (GPU) that are much more expensive
  • Low Total cost of ownership and long life cycle of the product
  • PASCAL A1 MINER can deliver enormous computing power to further shorten your investment 
  • One of the best price-to-performance ratio on the market

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Grab a cup of coffee and start mining with PASCAL A1. We can deliver enormous computing power to further shorten your investment cycle.



With its cutting-edge design, PASCAL A1 delivers the best price-to-performance ratio with enormous computing power to further shorten your investment



We propose to our customers excellent products with good Total cost of ownership. Save more energy without compromising its computing power.


Pascal A1 ASIC Project presentation


Hash Rate (±5%) ETH:520MH/s, Zcash:10000 Sol/s
Installed Memory 8GB
Ethernet 1x Gigabit (Network Controller)
USB 1 x USB2.0
Power supply 1000W
Operation System Embedded firmware
Warranty 365 days

Coins and algorithms supported by Pascal A1 Miner

Algorithm Coin
Blake2b Sia
Lbry Library Credits (LBC)
blake 14r Decred (DCR)
pascal pascalcoin
x11 gost DASH
Ethash Etherium
Groestl [GRS] GroestlCoin
CryptoNight Monero
Equihash Zcash
Lyra2rev2 Vertcoin (VTC)
NeoScrypt Vivocoin (VIVO), Halcyon (HAL), etc..
SHA-256 Bitcoin
Scrypt Litecoin
Qubit DGB-Qubit
Quark Quarkcoin